Meet Brock and Boston

Brock, KCS Director of Photography. Boston, KCS Assistant Director

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Brock & Boston Mikesell bring a new feel to content creation for Kids Creative Studio. As the Director of Photography and Assistant Director, respectively, the twins lead the group’s photography and aesthetic direction. 

Based in Utah, they bring experience from their own stardom to the Studio. From a young age, they became YouTube sensations in their own living room! The boys are super relatable to most teens. They love being social media creators, surfing, skateboarding and seeing new places. 

Seeking Kid Creative Director for Kids Creative Studio

Are you a budding filmmaker or an aspiring musician ready to take your talent to the next level? No matter your creative specialty, Kids Creative Studio needs someone just like you! We are the first kid-led studio and we are looking for top creative talent to lead our team as Kid Creative Director.

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